Cecil Aubrey Cross Jr
Address: 401 Burgess Lane
Greenbrier, AR 72058
AKA: Sonny Cross
DOB: 04-22-1948
Gender: Male
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Green
Height: 510
Weight: 260
Race: White


Scare on left forearm

Additional Info:

This offender was convicted of Engaging in or Soliciting Lewd Conduct in Public on 3-5-98. The offense involved the offender exposing himself to an adult male stranger at a park. Possessing Matter with sexual conduct of person under 14 (1995). This offense involved the offender having images of multiple males less than 14-years-old who were nude/engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Registered Sex Offender - Level 3

Poss/Ctrl Child Pornography out of California on 9/12/1995

Engaging in or Soliciting Lew Conduct in Public on 3-5-98