Rexford Lynn Johnson
Address: 42 Carefree Circle
Greenbrier, AR 72058
AKA: Rex Johnson
DOB: 04-30-1948
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 600
Weight: 200
Race: White


Tattoos: Back, L. Arm, R. Arm, R. Shoulder, L. Forearm

Scar R. Wrist

Additional Info:

The then 39 year old offender raped a 25 year old female acquaintance over an approximately 6 hours period of time in a van while her young son slept nearby.

The then 28 year old offender picked up several young girls who may have been skipping school and hitchhiking. He dropped all the girls off except a 16 year old. He took her to a remote area and raped her while using a knife to gain compliance.

The then 30 Year old offender assaulted two strangers by holding a knife to their heads. He forced one or both of them to engage in sexual contact while using a deadly weapon. He held the knife on the male and threatened to stab him, if the female did not perform oral sex on him.


Registered Sex Offender - Level 4

Oral Copulation by Force/Violence (3 Counts), Sexual Penetration (2 Counts), Sodomy By Force/Violence and Rape By Force/Violence on 10/6/87.

1977 Unlawful Sexual Intercourse

1979 Oral Copulation and Assault with a Deadly Weapon